Announcing news of an upcoming exhibition featuring my work and that of fellow painters Guy Rutter and Maxine Chester. We are artists who draw on common themes of form, light and space, and who explore layering and repetition. This show explores the ‘multiple’ in its various forms, and all three artists are able to reflect on careers involving printmaking and drawing.

Invite for the upcoming Multi-storey exhibition
We have come together in an on-going dialogue with painting. Expressing a need to share particular struggles, our concerns and processes at times both overlap and stand apart. Starting points for the work made for this exhibition include; the body - space - organic and geometric form – colour and light. Some of these themes endure and some evolve, however, a connecting factor has been ‘multiples’ - and ways that this can be interpreted.
The resulting show has been a catalyst for revisiting, and experimenting with different processes, bringing printmaking and drawing into the painting space. It is the first opportunity to view the finished pieces together. Supportive and focused discussions held around each artist’s work prior to the exhibition, set up unexpected relationships and experiences, as does the configuration of the work in the show.