I'm processing a limited amount of natural inks - black walnut, oak gall (Knopper gall and oak apple) as well as alder buckthorn bark. Natural inks are live - . they're lovely to draw and paint with or use with mixed media, you get a rich brown (walnut), a warm grey (oak apple gall) or purple-black which gets blacker with age (Knopper oak gall) and a vibrant earthy yellow (buckthorn). Where possible, they are made with ingredients sourced locally to me in north Kent - and preserved. They'll last at least a year - though the oak gall will last a lot longer. The inks cost between £12.50 - £8 depending on the amount, plus £3 postage. Contact me for more details or order below.

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I hope to run some more courses on ink-making - and mark making from observing nature in early 2021, watch this space. Check the Courses and Workshops section for more details.